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Jodi A. Lamarco

Ms. Lamarco has nineteen years experience in marketing and administration of health insurance.

She began her career in 1980 when she joined American Marketing Services (AMS), an independent brokerage company that marketed individual and multiple employer trust group plans. She was responsible for establishing in-house administrative procedures, and assisted brokers and insureds in coordinating underwriting, claim, billing, and policyholder service and commission activity.

In 1990 AMS was acquired as the marketing office exclusively for Forrest T. Jones Consulting Company (formerly AIMCO). Jodi transferred to the health administration area and was appointed Supervisor of policyholder service, billing and commission accounting. She later assumed responsibility of the new business area.

When that company closed its Arizona office in 1995, Jodi joined Claims Administration Corporation, the claims payor for a government-sponsored health program. Jodi handled claims payment, claims auditing, provider fee negotiations, coordination utilization review and provider contracting.

In 1997, Jodi joined Summit as Benefits Claims Manager. Jodi is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of eligibility and claims administrations.


Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) Designation

International Claim Association (ICA) Designation

Member - Society of Professional Benefit Administrators


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