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Joyce Perez

Joyce’s career began 19 years ago in 1994 as a Human Resources Specialist at Fort McDowell Casino & Enterprises. In 1997 Joyce was promoted to Human Resources Benefits Administrator where she specialized in Employee Benefit Management.

Joyce was responsible for managing the overall administration of the Fort McDowell Casino & Enterprises employee and tribal benefits plans including workman’s compensation and flexible spending accounts. As a member of the Benefits Committee she worked closely with benefit advisors and consultants to source the best plans from health program vendors at the most competitive rates.

Joyce established relationships with benefit consultants, various benefit vendors and account executives throughout her career and took advantage of the opportunity to learn the complex components of the health plan industry.

After 19 years, Joyce evolved into a well rounded Human Resources professional and decided she was ready for a change. Joyce took the leap from the client side to the administration side and joined the Summit team as an Account Manager in August of 2013 and is a licensed health and life agent.


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